Prof. Shunit Reiter

University of Haifa - Faculty of Education
Department of Special Education

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Shunit Reiter, Ph.D. Special Education & Services for Persons with Special Needs

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Place and date of birth: Haifa, Israel - February 10, 1945

Citizenship and Identity Card Number: Israeli, 00625096/3

Permanent Home Address: Smolenskin Street 24, Haifa 34366

Home telephone Number: 04-8343007

Office Address and Phone: Faculty of Education, University of Haifa 04-8240111

Electronic Address telefax Number: 04-8240911


ISER Magazine

Issues in Special Educations & Rehabilitation
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Mishal Center

Israeli University Center for Disabilities


My research and related academic activities in recent years focus on the following:

The evaluation of special education program; research on the variables that relate to the successful inclusion of children in schools and adults in the community; continuing education in institutions of higher education (universities and colleges) for persons with disabilities.

Another area in which I focus my academic activities relates to conceptual issues in relation to social attitudes and services for persons with disabilities. In my writings and in my teaching I expand on the social model of disability emphasizing the humanistic philosophy as its conceptual bases. I demonstrate the implementation of this model in my research activities, in demonstration projects run at the university and outside, and show how a humanistic model is implemented in the core national curriculum guidelines which myself and colleagues designed for special education in Israel.

Another area of academic involvement includes cross cultural studies, for example studying the effects of abuse of persons with disabilities.